Liverpool 2nd season: Munian or Bony + Gerard Deulofeu ?

  1. Liverpool 2nd season: Munian or Bony + Gerard Deulofeu ?

    Going in to the 2nd season my Liverpool team won the league in season one. While my starting 11 rotated a lot last season, these are the players I typically play, and the positions they will play in next season:

    GK: Reina, Mattia Perin
    WBR: Johnson, Kelly, John Flanagan
    DC: Skrtel, Agger, Coates, Danny Wilson, Carragher
    WBL: Agger (to give Coates more play time), Marc Muniesa, Jack Robinson
    MCR (DLP): Joe Allen, Jordan Henderson, Moi Gomez
    MC (BWM): Lucas Leiva, Joe Allen (when sitting Leiva), Jonjo Shelvey, Conor Coady
    MCL (AP): Gerrard, Jonjo Shelvey, Moi Gomez, Adryan
    AMR (IF): Raheem Sterling, Suso, Bryan Rabello
    AML (IF): Fabio Borini, Joel Pohjanpalo
    ST: Suarez, Di Natale, Mattia Destro

    So going in to the 2nd season, I sold Enrique, Assaidi, Spearing, and Wellington Nem (who i bought the season before). These transfers netted me 35m, but with only 30% of the revenue going back to transfers, I've got about 40m to spend on new signings this season (after the 27m the board gave me).

    I don't think I'll have much more money to work with, so here is my dilemma:

    Despite winning the league, we only scored 60 goals in the league last year (less than any of the top 7 teams in the league... even Swansea scored more than us). While i realize that a large part of this is probably my tactic/formation... I'm not willing to change that (because it won me the league...).

    In my formation, the striker is a Messi role expected to pass and create as well as score. Not only was Suarez my highest scorer last season, he was also my 2nd highest assist maker.

    So i need to sign someone that will score me goals. My #1 transfer target was Schurrle, but Leverkusen won't sell him for any amount of money I can afford. I almost had a shot at Neymar (with some money paid over time), but he chose to sign for Man United...

    After careful scouting, I've narrowed my options down to a few players, and I'm at a financial junction...

    I can sign Iker Munian for 31m (and over 5m a year in salary) or I can sign Wilfred Bony and Gerard Deulofeu at 17m and 15m respectively. Munian didn't have a great season last year (2 goals and 3 assists in 23 appearances), where as Bony was one of the highest scorers in the world (35 goals in all competitions). Also, their combined salaries would be less than Munians...

    It's a tough decision, and I need some input. Munian could slot in at the wings or striker, allowing me to move Suarez to the wings or set up a swap in my tactic getting Munian and Suarez trading positions.

    With Bony, he would play the striker role, and Suarez would move to the wings (where he still scores pretty frequently from in my tactic). Deulofeu would get intermittent play time until he develops a bit more, or if Bony is a flop, he can share play time with Sterling/Borini while Suarez keeps the striker role.

    tl;dr: Munian or Bony + Gerard Deulofeu?

    and before you say "sign this guy or that guy"... Llorente is signing for Barca, Cavani signed a new deal and is injured for four months, Jovetic signed for Chelsea and was young player of the year, etc. etc... Other than Luuk De Jong and Isco, the players i'm considering above are the top of my shortlist of affordable and realistic transfer targets, after months of in-game scouting, stat watching, and deliberating.
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  2. Screenshots of both? Because unless Deulofeu has developed substantially I can't see him being worth 15m.

  3. I know you basically said not to suggest anyone else, but sign Gaston Ramirez (or at least try to). He cost me £15m in my liverpool save at the start of second season and he'll score a fair few as an IF.

  4. I bought Munian for Liverpool, started amazingly on the Left Inside forward position but really faded towards the end of the season...I have Lewandowski (first season cost 16mil with 16 mil over 48 months) and he got 28 goals first season and 30 odd the second...

  5. U had a look at Rodrigo from Benfica?? should be available for about 15m

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