1. Struggling!

    Hi all, struggling for players to sign for Vauxhall motors. Anyone know any players who will sign for under 100p/w?

    Also anyone had any luck with Vauxhall?

    Cheers in advance.

  2. Akil Grier DR (ex WBA - free)
    Jasiah Donaldson AMRL (free)

    Deale Chamberlain, Jamie Irving, Jordan Tebbutt and Raajan Gill are good cheap GK's

    For central defenders get Zak Farr and Daniel Bucciero (both ex Northampton). Dan Pringle (ex Crystal Palace) is good but his wages will vary (£20-£150!)

    Matthew Harris is a MUST BUY. Ex Everton attacking midfielder and will not only create goals but score them too.

    For strikers, I cannot recommend Tommy Amos, Ethan Mannion and Christian Bulembi enough at Step 2.

    There are other players you can look at - Lee Toland (DL), Carel Tiofack (AML/ST), Raphael Duyile (AMC/ST), Tomas Gregg Lopes Da Silva (ST), Jandir Zola (DMC), Ben Sayer (DMC), Paul Rodgers (DC) - but sometimes their wage demands can be well over £100 p/w!

  3. Cheers mate!

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