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Manchester United Second Season

  1. Manchester United Second Season

    Need Some Advice On Players To Sign In The 3rd Season Or Players To Get Rid Of

    Current Squad

    De Gea
    Amos (Loan At Southampton Will Be My Back Up GK Next Season)
    Lindergaard (Selling Him At End Of Season Due To Being Unhappy)

    Jetro Williems


    Phil Jones
    Carrick (Gonna Let Him Go End Of Season As He Wants A New Challenge)
    Vernon Anita (Signed Him This Season For 14.5 Million)
    Adam Maher


    Danny Welbeck (Transfer Arranged For January)
    Leandro Damiao (Being Signed In January For 34.5 Million)
    Angelo Henriquez (On Loan At Udinese)

    1st Team Line Up

    GKe Gea
    CB: Badstuber
    CB : Vidic (Looking At Smalling Taking His Role End Of Season)
    CM: DLP Cleverley/Powell
    CM: BWM Jones/Anita
    AMR: IF Valencia/Deulofeu
    AML: Winger Griezmann/Gaitan
    AMC Rooney/Maher
    ST: Falcao/Welbeck (Looking To Make Damiao And Falcao Rotate Over The Season Jan Onwards

    The Players Who Are Lacking Games Are Ferdinand & Evans But I Do Get Injurys Quite A Lot In Defence And Ferdinand Im Gonna Let Go And Offer Coaching Role End Of Season Evans Should Get Approx 10 Games When Injurys Happen
    Jones Do You Think I Should Let Him Play AS CB And Buy A Quality BWM (Ive Also Currently Got A 15 Yr Old German BWM Labelled The Next Schweinstiger) Who I Bought From Bayern But I Dont Want To Rush Him To Quick Till Atleast 18-20 To Begin Playing For The 1st Team
    As Carrick Is Leaving End Of Season Who Would Be Best Player To Keep As My DLP Rotation Player Powell Or Anita Defo Need To Get Rid Of 1
    I Think The Wings Are Strong As They Are Valencia Playing 20/25 Games A Season Slowly Easing Him Out And Will Eventually Become Back Up Once Deulofeu Reaches 3 Star Out Of 5 Current Potential
    Gaitan And Griezmann Rotate Alot As They Arent Super Fit Get Tired To Quick So No Prob There Either As They Are Assist Machines

    Falcao ATM Gets Played Alot Welbeck Just Isnt Suiting My Style ATM Alot Of Wing Play And Hes Not Getting On End Of Crosses Like Falcao Ive Experienced Damiao To Be Good Tho So He Will Rotate With Falcao On Tearing Teams Apart If Both Get Injured In This Season Ive Got Rooney To Back Them Up + Next Season Im Gonna Give Henriquez A Run In The Side See How He Does After Loan With Udinese
    Any Advice On The Squad Would Be Appriciated Much I Always Get F**ked In Midfield End Up With 2 Many Players For DLP I Just Thought With Anita Having 15 Passing & 15 Tackling He Would Be A Good BWM But It Turns Out Hes Crap On That Role Haha

  2. i'd say sell anita and try and get m'vila,bender brothers or naingolan as your bwm and defo give jones game time as a cb he turns out quality,he's my captain since he turned 24
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  3. thanks bro anymore suggestions people

  4. start getting regens, and check the transfer list all the time and see whos available for cheap.
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  5. i bought sebastian rodes hes 23 only 3 star rated but his stats are immense as a bwm hes natural to play in central midfield too had a 19 million release clause that i had to activate sold anita to fulham for 24.5 million 10 mill profit powell had to much of an attitude problem and wasnt performing so sold him off and bought in cabaye for 11 million had 2 regens come thru that look promising a left winger and a central defender thats labelled the next vidic bought sanchez for 50 million attempting to offload gaitan but no1 seems to want him had an awful season didnt perform once all season also i got mario bolatti on a free hes got good stats too with rodes being 23 he can rotate with bolatti till my cm regen i bought from bayern is ready for 1st team football when he is can always sell off bolatti and rotate the regen with rodes this is gonna be a long term save for defo i just took up the france post aswell i was the leading candidate they seem to have a good squad to work with to make them champions

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