Reading Striker (Prospect)

  1. Reading Striker (Prospect)

    Right, I'm looking for a striker for my Reading squad, this is my first season and I currently have 4 strikers (Jason Roberts, Payel Pogbranyek, Adam Le Fondre and Noel Hunt) so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas who I could sign, preferably under the 5 million mark as I have 10 million but trying to make a few cheap signings and want some money left over. I ideally want a youth striker that can develop and become class for my squad and be there if I have an injury issue.

  2. Leonard Kweuke (3.2mill) was brilliant on my Cardiff save.
    Big, strong, pacey, and great finisher

    Can sell him on for 20m+ if you play him right in 2-3 seasons

  3. Ademilson

  4. definently ademilson or carlos fierro.

    kweuke is nearly impossible to sign unless your a top team, he always accepts contracts from lower teams but always turns u down in the end and goes to a big team

  5. ademilson is 5.25m and is one of the best prospects on the game.

    someone cheaper maybe vaclav kadlec, he can be picked up for a few million

  6. maybe loaning henriquez from man utd with a view to buying him he turns out class if he gets game time

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