How to replace Coutinho

  1. How to replace Coutinho

    I'm getting 120 million flat fee for Coutinho from PSG at the start of my second season, how should I replace him? The main options who are interested are Odegaard for 25m and Alli for 80m. Which one should I go with or is there someone else who could replace Coutinho.

  2. Perhaps Bernardo Silva or Lemar?

  3. GET LEMAR!!

    I have Lemar, and he is abosuluty sick. If you can buy him I would. He has 11 goals and 3 assist in 23 games, absolute monster for me.

  4. Callum gribbin is wicked if you get him trained up or I just got Isco in to replace mata.
    Not tried Lamar though looks alright.

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  5. Renato Sanches is top notch in any am positions too

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  6. try using Youri Tielemans or Bernando Silva

  7. Coutinho


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