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Right winger for Lazio on the 1st season

  1. Right winger for Lazio on the 1st season

    Hey just got Fm19 recently and decided to start a save with Lazio, i´m having a problem with the RW, to put you in context I will explain how my team works

    I´m using a 433 formation with some modifications on the Vertical tiki taka preset

    Strakosha (SK - S)
    Marusic (CWB - S) Bastos (CD - D) Radu (BPD - D) Durmisi (CWB - S)
    Badelj (REG - S)
    Parolo (B2B - S) Milinkovic (MEZ - A)
    Lombardi (IF - S) Immobile (DLF - A) Correa (IF - S)

    I got a backup for each position on the team, I only brought Antonio Marin to cover Correa and develop him.

    My only problem is the RW spot, Lombardi is doing great in the pre season but it´s the only one who can play there, I always try to have 2 players for each spot on the team, so I´m looking for a sub.

    Being Argentine I obviously looked for some local players like Pavon, Gonzalo Martinez, Cuadra and Meza, but I couldn´t buy any of them because they were extracommunitaries.

    Then I looked for some european players and managed to get Berardi quite cheap after unsetling him, got everything ready and then Everton brought him from my hands.

    Tried looking for others options but the teams won´t sell them

  2. Javi Ontiveros.
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  3. I got Lucas Vazquez from Real Madrid first season on loan in my Lazio save. 8 goals and 11 assists so I bought him second season

  4. Quote Originally Posted by doherty147 View Post
    Javi Ontiveros.
    Scouting him already, I think I will buy him

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