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Should I give up on Carlos Fierro?

  1. Should I give up on Carlos Fierro?

    He never turns into the goal machine that he is for other people, is it time to sell up?
    Doumbia and Jovetic still score more!
    Using Raikens Perfect 4-3-3 DM

    Should I give up on Carlos Fierro?-carlos-fierro-overview_-attributes-.pngShould I give up on Carlos Fierro?-carlos-fierro-history_-career-stats-.png

  2. no way!!

  3. he hasnt developed into what he can but he still looks good.
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  4. I would sell him for a profit, I wanted to buy him, but I saw that his stats didn't exactly go with what I wanted, so I didn't buy him. I bought Erick Torres instead.
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  5. Arsenal Rotation
    He was a beast for me in fm12 (check my threads)...

    In my 5th season I have pre-signed him for the 6th season and cannot wait. At 22 he has excellent stats and a snip at £11m... He will be a viable replacement for falcao as he is 31 so I only expect brilliance

    Play him as a CF up top with 2 wide men supporting

  6. The guy hasn't really developed on my Newcastle save (4th season in). I have tried tutoring and have great coaches to train him but no massive progress in his stats. Nevertheless he still loves to score:

    Should I give up on Carlos Fierro?-carlos-fierro.png

  7. Arsenal Rotation
    He has developed much better for me and his ratio is messi like (almost )

    Should I give up on Carlos Fierro?-fierro.png
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  8. this is for Fm12, not Fm13

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