Some of these so called 'indespendable' players really annoy me lately, I have a player called Alex Teixeira, he doesn't really fit into my set up at all, i normally play 4-4-2 with Buffon, Piris, Munoz, Chiellieni, Strinic, Schellotto, Bonaventura, Marchisio, Chanturia, Djuric and Rochina, lately Marchisio has been injured so I played Teixeira in his role even though i know they are different players, ive tried playing him as an advanced playmaker but it just hasnt worked out, he has had an average of 6.89 all season with 30 games and 4 goals, lately in the last say 8 games he has gone really poor, an average of about 6.40 and he is just overall dissapointing, plus his wages are a lot, 150k p/w makes him the highest earner which he clearly doesn't deserve in terms of his performances. They signed him from Real Madrid in the summer as he was transfer listed, for 11 million i think, but now im just sick of his performance and my question is would you sell him or not...I'm in march 2017.