i hate man city

  1. i hate man city

    hi i was wondering if enyone could help me
    i ceep trying to by micah richards i have a 40m offer eccepted then thats how far as it goes i can wate and wate i can offer him a contract he eccepts it even gets as far as saying manchester citys micah richards is estatic to be joining a club close to his heart but then man city call the deal of!?!
    is enyone else experncing(sorry about my spelling) the same thing and any ideas how to complete the deal?

  2. Just buy someone else. You could buy 3 or 4 better replacements for that same amount.

  3. lol i get tht get sakho hes better

  4. yeah i'd probably get sakho. But if you really want richards then fair enough. i'd unsettle him a bit - declare interest then go for it. That can take a good chunk off the transfer and make it more likely to go through but be careful it works that time cuz the asking price can go up if you declare interest then dont sign him while he's unsettled

  5. A replacement could be Per Mertesacker hes 6'6" has 20 jumping 20 positioning 20 anticipation 20 composure, and a few more pretty good defensive attributes, check him out before buying richards, even if he is slow

  6. i have no clue why you want micah richards, there are, like everybody has said, loads more better players, try sakho, king, or send out your scouts for cheap talent

  7. Fazio is always a good choice CB

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