Luka Modric or Mesut Ozil?
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  1. Luka Modric or Mesut Ozil?

    What do you think who will have a key role in Mourinho's team? Modric or Ozil, and who is generally better?
    I don't think that both can play in first team

  2. Modric is a good player but I say Ozil is much better.

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    Different positions

    Modric is usually played in the deeper play making role, with occasional burst's forward

    Ozil is played in the 3 behind the striker

    I'd say Ozil is a definite starter for Madrid

    Modric IMO will be going against Khedira for the role next to Xabi Alonso, Khedira playing tighter games for his defensive nature and Modric playing the games where he can influence attacks alot more

  4. You can get Modric for around 40 million(dollars).

  5. But he gets injured allot.

  6. Sorry did not read the first post.
    I think Ozil great vision and can link up well with the wing players(C.Ronaldo and Di Maria).Modric is good too.The first matches will shape it.

  7. nope mate, Mou said that they will fight for same position - in the 3 behind the striker. And Essien is replacement for Khedira

  8. Ozil will start everygame imo especially in league.

  9. ozil all day long

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    IMO Modric isn't good enough to be a fringe player at Madrid, let alone push Ozil for the no. 10 position.

    I don't understand what Modric brings to Real Madrid, never mind any other team. Not a fan. John Terry affects games in an attacking way more than he does, and before you argue, focus on JT in his next game.

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