Holding Midfield: 12 Greatest Club Sides: 3) Liverpool 1976-84

  1. Holding Midfield: 12 Greatest Club Sides: 3) Liverpool 1976-84

    Football can be an extremely black and white game at times – goal or no goal; transfer or no transfer; injury or no injury. The butterfly effect can be tracked easier than in many other walks of life. Potential legacies thrown away because of one loss; sport-wide evolution in style disappearing on the back of a mishit shot. Liverpool’s board could have easily been forgiven for passing on Bill Shankly in 1959 – they had already done it once eight years before, and his record, a few promotion pushes aside, wasn’t impressive. Had they made a different choice, Liverpool could have continued their middling finishes with an average squad, never progressing in the shadow of their blue neighbours. Instead, over 15 years, Shankly took the club to the top of English football, cultivating the Boot Room culture with Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan, Reuben Bennett, Tom Saunders and Ronnie Moran that sustained Liverpool after he left. Nevertheless Shankly wasn’t around for Liverpool’s golden age, and for most of his tenure Liverpool played a more traditionally British style than they would become known for, although he was the one who initiated the change. After exiting the 1973-74 European Cup in the second [...]

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  2. Shankly actually turned Liverpool down 8 years before because the hierarchy didn't agree to him picking the match day team.

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