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Barcelona agree deal to sign Neymar

  1. Barcelona agree deal to sign Neymar

    And a very strange deal at that. Barca have payed Santos 10mil Euro's. They can take him any time till December 2014 (in a transfer window) as that is when Neymar's current deal ends. If they sign him before December 2014 then they will have to pay Santos another 30mil Euro. If they dont then they will have to pay Neymar 30mil Euro.

    Was watching Revista de la liga (spanish version of Goals on Sunday) and thats what they were talking about. Sounds like an interesting deal!

  2. What source do you have for this?

  3. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Came across this article


    Don't how true but the rumour seems to be spreading.

    Edit-link not working so here's article:

    Barcelona can’t hide Neymar is on his way to the Camp Nou: details
    I’m saying that because in their latest accounts they have included a future total payment of 40 million euros for an “unmovable and intangible asset”. Clever wording. From that amount they have paid already 10 million as we broke in @revistadelaliga last season. But in the meantime Santos, Neymar and Barcelona will keep denying they have reached an agreement. In the deal, Neymar will have to pay 20 million euros to Barcelona if he ends up in another club. And if Barcelona wants the player before the end of his contract, in December 2014, they will pay the remaining 30 million to Santos. If they want him in that date, there will be a big payment to the player. In fact, Barcelona haven’t decided yet when to add him to the squad. The most likely situation could be just after the 2014 World Cup. In the next posts, I will talk about Neymar’s relationship with Messi. And the role of Messi in the transfer

    (Guillem Balague)

  4. spanish football is the best move for him.. as he will get more space to do his fancy flicks etc... he would never get the time and space to do that in the BPL.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dilakh2 View Post
    spanish football is the best move for him.. as he will get more space to do his fancy flicks etc... he would never get the time and space to do that in the BPL.
    And the premier league is to aggresive for him. He would get kicked to pieces lol

  6. Neymar is a fantastic player, Barcelona would be a great home for him.

  7. They will probably take him after World cup 2014 and by then will have probably sold Villa to make room for him

  8. Can they even make that deal? it doesnt sound like any transfer i've heard of :/ possibly just crazy media?

  9. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Star Player Death Ball is online now
    From Spanish media?.

    Maybe the ones who said Robben was sold to Bayern to get Ribèry next season, confirmed.

    Confirmed in summer 2011 that Real Madrid had signed Agüero.

    Neymar has passed the medical tests to complete signing for Real Madrid past June.

    Real Madrid is going to sign Javi Martínez for the next season, confirmed (this summer).

    Etc, etc, etc.

    In one Spanish blog, one of the users (nick Osiris) kept 2011's summer a list of the transfers the Spanish press was reporting as sure signings. It included more than one hundred players Real Madrid had alrady signed or was about to sign or had a heavy interest on. You can imagine the rate of success of such predictions. I don't remember it well, but I think of all the players signed by RM that season only Sahin was in that list.
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