Australian League System

  1. Australian League System

    Hello fellow FM fanatics.
    I have built up a 5 tier, 90 team Australian promotion relegation league system with an FFA Cup and League Cup. A "new television deal" sees most clubs as viable. Gold Coast are back in the A-League (and cashed up + Kewell). Wollongong are back too (with Chippers and Wilkshire) A Canberra team (B Culina + J Culina + Josip Simunic returns home!), Adelaide City, SM Hellas and a 2nd Perth team are also in the A-League. A team based in Solomon Islands (Island Wave) play in the 4th tier, ditto Port Moresby Kumuls. Another Kiwi team out of Auckland in 2nd tier. Regional teams from Albury, Werribee, Wagga Wagga (where I'm at), Bundaberg etc. Sydney Uni and Monash Uni in the amateur/semi-pro 5th tier. All the old skool NSL teams are in. And Hakoah is back! (cashed up in the bottom tier).
    It works a treat and I would love to share it, it's just that I don't know how
    Also good luck to Frank Farina at Sydney FC. I haven't played FM13 with SFC yet, but with Alessandro Del Piero it's worth a go. Ditto Heskey at the Jets.

  2. The A-League offers a good challenge with salary cap restrictions in place. Short season (27 games) makes it fast as well.

  3. where is this file in i would love to play it

  4. id be very keen to play it too, the salary cap makes the current game too frustrating, you build you own team in the editor and by season 3 youve had to get rid of all you players cos their fees already sit higher than salary cap

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