Real Madrid Thread

  1. Real Madrid Thread

    The title says it all really, just wondering what everyones opinions are on the players,management,season and everything else about Madrid

  2. I think that by Real Madrids high standards this season hasn't gone according to plan with regards to La Liga and the title is gone to Barca more or less, but I do think Real can catch Atletico. However with regards to the champions league I still maintain belief that Real will get to the final if not win it for the reason that I think Mourinho is now clearly preparing the squad to win it given the title race is over. There may well be some disharmony within the squad but I think that Mourinho is rotating the players to keep them fresh because when they face Man Utd they will have a team that now isn't in a domestic title race and is being rotated whereas Man Utd will have a squad which is under pressure to win every week not just because its Man Utd but because they need to keep Man City at arms length. But thats just my opinion

  3. Personally I think Mou done well for us but now i think that hes the problem i mean he has fought with numerous big players like ramos ozil and iker casillas, people can say that ramos and ozil could have brought it on themselves as they may be slightly controversial but they cant make excuses for the disagreements he's had with iker casillas as he has never caused problems before ! Then to drop him... i realise casillas is nowhere near the level in which we expect from him but all the same hes much better than adan! I think that Ronaldo's unhappiness may also have something to do with mourinho and if we stick with him at the helm it will bring more bad than good and i have been bitterly dissapointed with how the teams has been performing in all competitions as they have shown no consistency and ronaldo's form seems to be the only thing dragging us along

  4. Barca are better.

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