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ChristianEriksen - Beautiful play

  1. ChristianEriksen - Beautiful play


    Welcome to the Beautiful Play tactics!

    I will just leave my latest tactics for Football Manager 2015 here. Good luck with it and you can find me in the tactic sharing FM16 threads. Have fun with it!

    FM15 Tactic - ''A FM16 Attempt''
    DATE: 11/11/2015

    Training on your own. OI's from TFF. Enjoy!

    ChristianEriksen - Beautiful play-bb77dac65f52e1359011bc78afb0e546.png

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  2. MATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3 <3 <3 well i try i try itry welcome Back on FM15 for the first time!
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  3. Is one of the tacs for Home and 1 for Away. Or 1 for small teams and 1 for big teams?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Theatreof Dreams View Post
    Is one of the tacs for Home and 1 for Away. Or 1 for small teams and 1 for big teams?

    #1 D-Line play - Use the D-Line version (1.1) against teams who play the long ball. Most of the time these teams are a lower opponent. For example, if you're facing Barcelona, use the version 1 with press more and offside trapp. Against a weaker opponent with a long ball tactic you have to use the 1.1 version.
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  5. My pre-season and the first Pokal match

    look we win against Lazio and Everton so no BAD! also i see AMAZING football!

  6. Loving this tactic so far dominated all pre season games so far and just smashed Arsenal 6-2 Playing as Utd.
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  7. Had a terrible start to the season using a different tactic with Spurs, used your tactic for 3 games won the first two then lost 5-4 after being 4-2 up... This game is so inconsistent for me..

  8. Haha, what a match, loving it already

    ChristianEriksen - Beautiful play-bayer-04-leverkusen-v-1.fc-k%C3%B6ln_-overview-overview.png

    Now that's a real derby I'm Köln
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  9. Wanna see some joy of nice, modern goalkeeping of FM15? *sarcasm*

    Here you go 1.FC Köln v Hamburger SV.pkm

    Watch and make your sunday
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by CodeX View Post
    Wanna see some joy of nice, modern goalkeeping of FM15? *sarcasm*

    Here you go Attachment 696805

    Watch and make your sunday
    Lol. You can't do anything about it !
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