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Makaveli is Back "good tactic for all teams"
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  1. Quote Originally Posted by avaldeso View Post
    lok1to, even if is a tweak, is way better than yours, i have tried yours with inter, Milan and lastly with Chivas and it doesn't work at all your tactic every time a new save, this tactic works simple as that, I tried tweaking yours and it just doesn't work, this guy hit it out and youare trying to say that is yours?

    so if I post the same formation is your version? Please dude get real.

    I know that he tactics doesn't always works the same for every team, give this guy some credit. I don't post mine because they just work for me, in fm13 I posted one and it didn't work for everybody that's why I don't post anymore tactics.

    by the way good work mak
    Ok it doesn´t work for you, but it works for me and a lot, lot of people, so where is the problem ? Maybe is yours! If its better than my tactic i don´t really care, that´s your opinion, is a matter of perspective m8. U must be a real believer to think that the idea behind this tactic was his, you are are the man that should get real. Like i said before, i don´t mind people tweaking my tactics (i have one tweaked version in my own page so u see i don´t mind) or even creating tactics based on mine, even it they are better or worst than my version, but i do mind and is very lame people doing that, claiming that it was their idea, just simple as that. I´m out of this discussion, peace and gg´s.
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  2. problems with corner defending.

  3. Its working great, i'm creating many chances, but very few CCs.

    Also, most goals are coming from long shots, set pieces and not from my striker

    Do I need to tweak it for away games?

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