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Mr Langvatn FM16 Tactic Center

  1. Quote Originally Posted by kitchin75 View Post
    what tac are you playing with
    I'm only using sicilian defense from this thread m8

    But after it gets touted like Eusebio did in my profile now like this

    Mr Langvatn FM16 Tactic Center-marcel-reuter_-my-profile-profile-2.png

    I start to get FM'ed so I change everytime the formation gets visible in my profile like this
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  2. I use Mr L 4-2-3-1 Asymmetric 16.3 and it looks very good to me.
    Can someone advise which OI to use in this tactic?

  3. Am I the only one who thinks this sicilian tactic is extremely defensive? lol

    Against big teams, ok, it works.
    Against small teams......super slow and still defensive. Doesn't work at all!
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