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  1. attempts to play direct football?!

    word up ppl!?

    just had two great seasons with my venezuelan team at 4h div but still... the board complains about my attempts to play direct football...

    how about that?!

    if anybodoy worries about it i mean... lol coz in my case i just worry about winning games and thats what i always answer when asked by the press...

  2. Do you guys ever change the mentality? like going to control/attack when in need of a goal, and switching to counter if you see your team is struggling. Or does this tactic performs best if you leave it on standard all the time?

  3. about tactic

    hey, ive just written a reply to your topic and i just wonder if you have a look at your topic. then ive decided to write a pm about it. whenever i go for holiday, my asistant changes this tactic but when i use another tactic which i downloaded from websites, my asistant doesnt change that what is the problem about it?

  4. This tactic is Awsome

    BATTLEMASTER !-schermata-2017-02-14-alle-19.04.27.png

  5. Is that fm16 or fm17?

  6. fm 2016

  7. i feel like results are more solid with wingers playing on their correct foot, not the opposite

  8. Wrong thread
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  9. In Unleashed there was an advice to replace DR and DL on 2nd half because it was important to keep stamina on these positions. Is that still necessary? Didn't see this advice here.

  10. I suggest you review defensive free kicks, because I'm getting A LOT of goals from free kicks/corners, almost every game.

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