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FM Copycat's Recreations: The Milan Diamond

  1. FM Copycat's Recreations: The Milan Diamond

    Nesta, Maldini, Cafu, Pirlo, Kaka, Schevchenko;

    All world class;

    All at A.C Milan in 2005

    The latest FM Copycat Recreation examines the diamond tactic that held these players within it.
    Ancelotti's team played a measured & at times mechanical game, yet within that structured framework, they possessed quality creative players who only needed 2 or 3 moments in a game to steal a victory.

    In defence it was all hands on deck. The midfielders at the base of the diamond formed a wall in front of the back four, blocking off passing channels. Kaka would join in the defensive efforts in front of those midfielders when it became apparent that a turnover in possession was not imminent.

    When Milan took possession of the ball, if the counter was not on, they merely sought to maintain control of the ball keeping it safe from their opponents.

    However, with options like Kaka and Schevchenko to spearhead attacks; When Milan did decide to turn up the tempo, it was swift and devastating.

    If you like to prioritize the safety of your own goal both in and out of possession, then this tactic is definitely one to look into.

    Click image for larger version

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    I generally don't apply any specific additional opposition instructions in this tactic although for games against tougher opponents I sometimes switch the BWM-S to a Defend duty and if necessary the WB-A to a Support duty.

    You can find a download for the tactic, key player attributes and more here:

    Milan: A Diamond in The Rough
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