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Two counter tactics

  1. Two counter tactics


    I made two counter tactics. One for LLM, structured, and one for HLM, fluid.
    I have tested them with FM2017 Demo, and they hold water. I noticed that if I am a weak club, better clubs score against me from set pieces, however they are unable to score otherwise. I don't know how to setup set pieces yet, so the tactics are only half finished . If you are a good club in your league, you will do well with this. I don't know how to post screenies, sorry. Anyway, one tactic is 4123DMWide, the llm one, and the other is 4231Wide.

    The tactics play is simple. We defend, nick the ball, and launch it forward, usually to wingers. They run with the ball, cross and striker and mids put it in the net.
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  2. Trying it with Chelmsford in the Conference South. Promotion should be relatively straight forward, so should be a good indicator of how well the tactic meets regular expectations.

  3. Observations after pre-season and two league games:

    Won all the pre-season games (against very weak opposition) although conceded a worrying amount of goals.

    First league game against Truro (We were favourites) was 0-0. Offensively we were very quiet.

    Second league game against relegation favourites Margate we lost 2-1. Simple balls over the top both times. Our only goal came from a scramble in the box after a corner. We created very little.

  4. I'm not sure the counter mentality is helping. It makes the side a bit too cautious going forward. If the poor form continues I may bump mentality up to Standard but drop the D-LIne and see how that goes.

  5. Share & Download FM 17 Tactics Template - PLEASE READ BEFORE SHARING

    sorry man your op is disrespectful for the others tactics creators who are doing everything and spend hours to make the best op. and you come here with no screenshot no info about the tactic, imo its disrespectful. i would never use your tactic, even if its the best
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