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Knaps tweak of goodbye 3430 with AM, AP and SS - solid at the back
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  1. Knaps tweak of goodbye 3430 with AM, AP and SS - solid at the back

    Knap has tweaked his monster tactic goodbye 3430 trying AM, AP and SS together instead of three SS. Seems like it's a bit more solid at the back than the original goodbye tactic while providing good enough in attack. There is a control and counter version, but seems like the counter version does better.

    Knaps tweak of goodbye 3430 with AM, AP and SS - solid at the back-598e2ef820a12_tottenhamhotspur_overview.png.eae7b21fa6bbe1653f6e17d63ce64c78.png

    Knaps tweak of goodbye 3430 with AM, AP and SS - solid at the back-598e2f1ac1334_englishpremierdivision_overviewstages-2.png.e421df9b07fd9239b0d7ff24bc2beba5.png

    Someone tested it in the french league with great defensive results
    Knaps tweak of goodbye 3430 with AM, AP and SS - solid at the back-ch.jpg.78c223a17524c8e4cfbac5dbc0598fdd.jpg

    This tactic is great in stopping crosses from reaching the goal area. I've had this problem with every tactic on this forum but the new knap tactic is really crushing the AI on that.

    I'm trying the tactic on my Catania save and I'm having some great results, will post screenshots later.

    Download link
    Counter -
    Control -

    The original thread is on SI games but there's not much of a discussion.
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  2. And please, do not ask for player filters or training. I won't respond. I can't decide for you how to use this tactic, you'll have to test it out for yourself. The player roles in game already have a description of what kind of attributes are best suited for a specific role.

  3. Knaps already posted this in his threads.

  4. Read the opening post before you comment. I already wrote that this is from the SI forum.

  5. No he's posted it here as well if you had checked this forum first so this thread needs to closed especially as it's not really yours to post

  6. This is nothing more than an attempt to build your own forum rep by double posting a tactic that's already here in knaps own thread and the tactics from other forums thread
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  7. As far as I am aware, I've not posted this here, and not all my tactics get posted here such as a 442.

    The control tactic did better at home but counter was better overall.

  8. I do not use player filters as I use attribute masking, and I tend to play LL and just rely on scout reports.

  9. Knap is this endorsed by you and if so do you have a link that isn't SI forum?

  10. I found it through your post on tactics from other forums as I don't really use si other than my post earlier on si. What I'm getting at here is your post from si has been posted here by someone else and then openly says f9nt bother asking me any questions so the question has to be asked why post someone else's successful tactic, take the credit from a posting point of view but then says don't bother asking me anything when your quite capable?? Leeching off your success just a tad there
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