4-3-3-0 Vertical Tiki Taka (strikerless)

  1. 4-3-3-0 Vertical Tiki Taka (strikerless)

    Tactic Name: 4-3-3-0 Wide Strikerless
    Tactic Formation:
    4-3-3-0 Vertical Tiki Taka (strikerless)-tactic-formation-1.png
    4-3-3-0 Vertical Tiki Taka (strikerless)-tactic-formation-possession.png4-3-3-0 Vertical Tiki Taka (strikerless)-tactic-formation-transistion.png4-3-3-0 Vertical Tiki Taka (strikerless)-tactic-formation-out-possession.png
    Tactical Information:
    I have always like flat midfield 3 so that i can rotate players as much as possible. It also reduces the amount of different training each player have.

    The 3 AMs to press the defenders and midfielders to win back the ball.
    The 2 BBM will support the pressing while the DLP will drop back to help with defence if pressing fails.

    For build up play, the midfield 3 is responsible for being the pivot. AM center on support will drop to help out as well along with FB on support. The inside forwards on attack will start out wide and cut in with the ball. THis creates space for overlapping fullbacks to send crosses into the penalty box. I like patient build up play via short passes and more running and moving of positions to break defense down. The BBMs provide as additional options in the box on attack to take distance shots.

    Neutral, i will use shouts like demand more and play with passion. If there are tons of shots but no goals, get creative is useful. If conceded, encourage or tighten up will calm the players. Typically i start out with positive mentality and switch to cautious or attacking as the situation demands. It is also possible to switch the AM(S) to Shadow Striker. I have not tried with that as the lower leagues do not have good shadow strikers and 3 players on attack duty tend to result in not enough players for possession retention.

    Opposition Instructions: Leave it to asst manager

    Training: Leave it to asst manager for general. I like to take control of individual to train them for the specific role.

    Link to tactic:4-3-3-0 Wide Strikerless.fmfAttachment 1184850

    PLease feel free to make suggestions as I do not post often but the amount of success I have with this suggests me to post it out.
    4-3-3-0 Vertical Tiki Taka (strikerless)-aldershot-results-2018-19.png
    4 unfortunate losses but I blame the ME for it.
    The main players I signed are Oscar Borg and Aaron Kuhl.

  2. Screen shots top scorers and player performances would be helpful, just in a Strikerless formation it can be difficult to see where goals will come from, it looks, useful though, I might give it a look

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