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    Ok, so I have decided to share a tactic that I have had extreme success with. It's based on Clash's tactic 4141 v4, so credit goes to him for creating awesome tactics. The tactic also deploys Clash's/TFF's set pieces from his 4141 v4 tactic.

    So what have I changed on the 4141 tactic? Well, as for player instructions and roles I have done the following:
    1. I have pushed the central midfielders up to attacking midfield positions. This is because I wanted to focus even more on goals coming through the middle of the pitch, but also because I want to press the opposition's central positions high up the pitch.
    2. I have changed the wide position roles from wingers to wide midfielders, and from attacking to supporting roles. They are also instructed to cut inside and to sit narrower than normal.
    3. I have changed the striker role from complete forward to deep-lying forward. I have also given the instruction to shoot less often.
    4. I have changed the defensive midfielder role from deep-lying playmaker to regista. I've also given the instruction to dribble more.
    5. I have instructed the fullbacks to take fewer risks.
    As for tactical style changes, I have done the following:
    1. Mentality changed to very attacking.
    2. Attacking width changed to extremely wide.
    3. Passing style changed to more direct.
    4. Tempo changed to extremely high.
    5. Focus of passing has been changed from wings to no special focus and overlap left and right.
    6. Creative freedom changed to more disciplined.
    7. Distribution from Gk changed to distribute quickly.
    Here is the player settings I use (every role has similar settings):

    Here is the tactical style settings:

    And here are some stats and numbers from my best season:

    *I forgot to say some things about how the team plays. Lots of times I experience that the attacking midfielders will appear fairly deep on the pitch and play crossfield balls into spaces on the wings, which the wide midfielders will latch onto. They will most of the times have no markers, and are free to run and cross the ball as they wish. Then there will usually be three players in or around the box to attack the ball. This also happens with the regista (plays crossfield balls).

    One thing that might be said against this tactic is that it hasn't been tried with a weaker team, but I should say that I've many times easily beaten big teams with mostly reserve players at home.

    I guess that's it. Feel free to try it out and comment about it, and if you have questions, just ask, and I will see if I can answer.
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  2. any special training or opp instructions

  3. I have one of my coaches (the one with highest tactic coaching and tactical knowledge , Aldo Dolcetti is my current one) do the opp instructions. As for special training, I try to focus on tactical training in preseason and beginning to mid season. Then when team cohesion and tactical familiarity is good I have one of my coaches do the rest. I do add some training each week most of the time though, usually attacking direct schedule.

    In individual training I try to train my fullbacks as midfielders, as they will cut inside and play centrally much of the time. I try to train them in final third and passing as individual focus, much of the time. I will try to focus on shooting on my attacking midfielders and also my striker naturally. Pace is important for the wide midfielders and striker. I want my attacking midfielders to be good at final third and also shooting (as I mentioned before). Off the ball movement is also very important.
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  4. I should also mention, since much of the danger created comes from the flanks, your wide men should have good crossing.

  5. looks insane, good work.
    this ratings... do you use in-game editor for change all player stats to 20 ?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Naidjel View Post
    looks insane, good work.
    this ratings... do you use in-game editor for change all player stats to 20 ?
    Haha, no, just big club with lots of money, so I could buy big players. And the tactic of course.

  7. looks promising, i will try i with my F.C. Copenhagen team for 2nd season.

  8. Set pieces takers?

  9. Tested 2 games for everton.....won 5-0 and 3-0....let me test more

  10. My results since I used it against the Gas. Ajaccio
    I'll come back when I finish my season.

    PS: No transfer, it's the current team from Stade Lavalois.

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  11. The tactic is good but I regret that the striker scores me goals that other circles.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by slavisapetrovic View Post
    Set pieces takers?
    Well, I would go with the same position that Clash's 4141 v4 says, except that I have moved the central midfielders to attacking midfield. But for me, I haven't put much work into it, just let the one with best set pieces, long shot and technique do it. As for corners, I honestly haven't picked anyone specific. Yes, I know there is probably one specific player, like the right back or left back who's supposed to take corners, if you want to do it right, re. Clash's set pieces regime.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Smigo08 View Post
    Cheers, kinda disappointing goal numbers-wise, considering the season I had, but I guess I'll take it. Is it auto-match (holiday)?
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by olivier93600 View Post
    The tactic is good but I regret that the striker scores me goals that other circles.
    I am not sure what you mean by circles.

  15. Yeh season is simmed with all players in the league with the same frozen ca, fitness 100% aswel as sharpness.

  16. Cheers, thanks for the information. I guess I can take comfort in that auto-matches aren't necessarily representative to "real" matches. That's not to undermine the success of the other tactics, because I know many of them are great, and I'm sure there are lots of great tactics that I haven't tried. As I said, I did use other tactics that I downloaded, like Clash's 4141 v4, and most of them worked great, but sometimes I ran into a brick wall, which I haven't since I "developed" the 4123. I always have superiority in numbers of shots, at home as well as away, and most of the time in goals as well.
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  17. [DEVIS = smuggul; 3208462] Je ne suis pas sûr de ce que vous entendez par cercles. [/ QUOTE] sorry

    it's a shame that the striker does not score more than the middle.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by olivier93600 View Post
    [DEVIS = smuggul; 3208462] Je ne suis pas sûr de ce que vous entendez par cercles. [/ QUOTE] sorry

    it's a shame that the striker does not score more than the middle.
    Edit: Sorry, I must have misread your post. For me the forward does score more than the attacking midfielders, but they do score a lot of goals too (see opening post).
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  19. Just thought I'd add some data from my best season (2021-2022):

    As can be seen, my team scored a fairly big amount of the goals from corners (47/192=24,5%).

    As can also be seen, the tactic focuses heavily on crosses from the flanks, with 397 completed crosses and a cross completion ratio of 18%. That means on average 58 (!) crosses per game.

    If we do the same math on my shots on target (616) compared to shots on target ratio (41%), it shows that I had on average 39,5 shots per match, while having 16,2 shots on target per match.

    Lastly, in this post, I thought I would add that I'm sure people have been wondering about my player attributes by now, so here are my three star players:

    Here are my two best wide men:
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    4123DM-2019-05-14-14-.png   4123DM-2019-05-14-13-.png   4123DM-2019-05-14-20-.png  

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  20. Do you suggest to change mentality against big team or keeping always very attacking?

  21. I always keep very attacking. Maybe if you play with a weaker team, lowering mentality to attacking might help, but you may have to change other things too, like mentality on individual players, tempo, directness, etc.

    If you do, please let me know how it works!
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