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Scorpion 550 Defensive shape offensive mentality

  1. Scorpion 550 Defensive shape offensive mentality


    Scorpion shape formation for solid defense and fast attacking style of football

    No specific OI and training
    Blank set piece takers or WBL takes right WBR takes left

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  3. Welcome The Legend Duke! We missed your tactics. This tactic has corner or throw exploit and will you release new tactics (with other formations) ?

  4. Welcome The Duke. Interesting tactic.

  5. skin??

  6. Interesting take on a no striker tactic, personally I never played with no striker tactics, but might give this a go as it's different from the usual no striker formations

  7. Testing with Crystal Palace. Currently top the league after 15 games. Well done!

  8. Thanks, no exploits used ofc.

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  9. any change for away games or bigger teams games ?

  10. How's this tactic working?

  11. anyone played with this tactic?

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