Skin Help?

  1. Skin Help?

    Hi there,

    Looking for some help, I've got Steklo X3 atm, and I was wondering how I can change the font on it, I've tried a couple of ways to no avail, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. you cant mate sorry.. not without changing all the editing etc etc.. there is no quick way to do it

  3. Don't you just have to change some of the values in the .xml files?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Don't you just have to change some of the values in the .xml files?
    I think so, I know nothing about skins, however, if he is the same as me, that is not doable for us I was thinking he was just asking if there was a way to change fonts like there is for changing the wallpapers etc with a click or two of a button

  5. Hi there,

    yes you need to change some xml (first to find then)...and add your font into the fonts folder of the skin.

    The how to is there...french or english it's the same xml folders...just some more in the last version. Which font you'd like to edit? Please put screens.

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