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Numeric tactical sliders for FM 2013

  1. Numeric tactical sliders for FM 2013


    As I love this mod and didn't find it alvailable, I edited this wee end some xml...and released them on a french website ( and then on the SI community.
    As no bug had been reported until now, I share it today here.

    It allows you to have numeric values on the tactical screens. Useful for changing team and players instructions during match or when creating a tactic

    The install is quite simple and it just depends if your using a base skin or not.

    A)Install when using the base skin from the game

    1) Unzip
    2) Install into the unzipped folder (all of it) you can find into the FM 2013 documents( the same used when adding kits or logos) Cf screen

    3) Start game. Interface menu, make sure of this

    option "use memory cache" = untick
    option "reload the theme after.." = tick

    4) Reload the skin...the work is over!

    B) Install when using a downloaded skin ( Carbon, Steklo..).

    1) Unzip
    2) select ALL THE XML FILES (that you can find in the folder) except of the CONFIG one
    3) Put them into the "panels" folder of the skin (create one if you don't have any). Replace with change if asked by the OS.
    4) Make sure of the interface menu options (cf above) ...Reload the skin...the work is over!

    Here's some screenshots (the skin is a WIP, release coming soon)

    All you have to do know is download using this link.

    Feel free to add it to a skin you're creating...If you want to share it on another websites, feel free but gentle and mention that the author is "AlienInRussia from" that's all I ask.

    Enjoy!! And if you meet any bugs, just let me know...without agression.

    Have a nice game
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  2. welcome to the forums mate, I sent you a visitor message a bit earlier

    thank you for your great input so far, glad to have you here, have a great day bud

  3. Classic interface player instructions not work
    Last edited by TUZER; 15/11/2012 at 02:40 PM.

  4. Hi;

    sorry just works on FM mod; didn't edit the files for FMC. I'll try to do it as soons as my schedule allows it to me.

  5. link is not working? is it still avaiable elsewhere?

  6. i want a numeric tactical slider skin for fm 2012 please post the link

  7. Tactical Sliders

    This is the message when I try to download:

    Download not available

    The following download is not available:

    The file of the above link no longer exists. This could be for several reasons:
    • The file was deleted by the user who uploaded it.
    • The file contained illegal contents and was deleted from our servers by our Anti-Abuse team.
    • The link is incorrect.
    • The server is busy and can not process the request.
    The download for this file has not been enabled. Only the user who uploaded it, can enable the download option.

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