[WIP] Air skin for FM 2013

  1. [WIP] Air skin for FM 2013

    to moderator, could you please edit the title...not a wip anymore. It's realeased now. Thanks in advance


    First this skin works only for FM mod, not FMC challenge etc..

    I started from the Ricky Bertolino's Carbon skin (with allowance)...and make it lighter. The idea is to get something more like the old dark base skins.

    I change the menubar ( cf top of the first screen) to make it more intuitive and organized (IMO)..but also pop overs ( which appears when you click on continue, save etc). I've also allowed the background logos in the titlebars, edited some fonts and changed button appareances in the match bar.
    The skin includes the Mickael Murray "Match In Between Highlights" V1, after requesting allowance and the tactics sliders I've shared.



    WHITE TEXT (old screens) :wink:

    VERSION AIR 2(old screen) :wink:

    Some more characteristics colours are alvailable! Check please the "customize" folder before installling the skin.

    After downloading, unzip the download on your Desktop. You'll find the folder skin (fm2013air), the customize folder some pics and a readme.


    1)In the "Customize your skin" folder.
    You'll find screens to help you to choose the version you'd like. Choose First which style you'd like about attributes colours.

    2) Into the style folder you've got 2 choices/ The one with blue text (Default) the one with White

    3) Copy the file you'll find into the folder of your chioce, example Air2 with white text

    4) Go to "fm2013air". Find the folder "settings"

    5) Paste there the settings.xml you copied first. Replace when asked by the OS.

    Finally you should have ONLY ONE SETTINGS.XML FILE in the settings folder

    6) Finish to install


    Install the the folder FM2013 there:
    Library/My Library/SPORTS INTERACTIVE/FM 2013/ skins



    2)Run the game

    3) Check these otpions

    4) Reload the skin

    [centrer]DOWNLOAD HERE[/centrer]

    Have a nice day.

    Let me know about bugs,but nicely. It's shared on a french website for 2 weeks, no big bugs reported until now..
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