Questions on skin (fonts)

  1. Questions on skin (fonts)

    I have 2 questions:

    1- In the yellow area, how to increase space between player name and positions?
    2- In red area, how to push up the text?

  2. Hola!

    About yellow, that quite easy...

    edit the titlebar and team titlebar xml.

    Look for these lines

    <!-- description -->
    <widget class="text" id="subs" size="11" alignment="centre_x, top" inset="3" font="fonts/X" style="shadowed" multiline="false" auto_size="all" >

    You see the inset="3" ? Just change it to higher num you suit to you. example 10

    About the red question, this happens when you change the font. You see the matter is the same on the attribute panel.

    I've found a way to resolve it after reading this (I've seen you didn't get answer to your thread). I didn't succeed to resolve the stats font matter. So if you succeed, just let me know here.

    Hasta luego!

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