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[FM16][SKIN]Alavanja 16 Probase

  1. Sky Sports [FM16][SKIN]Alavanja 16 Probase

    This is improved version of nice default skin, optimized for my favourite 1366x768 resolution, and I added everything what I need during a game.

    -player profile
    -club profile
    -trophy panel
    -fixture details
    -processing transparent
    -special team squad views
    -match in between highlights
    -added background selector
    -added tv logo selector
    -added instant result
    -added player suitability panel
    -and some graphical changes...

    Important: Go into preferences/interface and tick sidebar icons-only.
    99,9% there are no bugs!

    [FM16][SKIN]Alavanja 16 Alternative
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  2. Great work, loving the skin. So credit to you.

    What logos are those? would love to get them for my game any ideas where i could find them?

    Again love the skin.

  3. Thanks!
    The best logos ever:
    Footbe Logos 2015 - Exclusive

  4. thanks

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