Tactics Screen Mod? Help.

  1. Tactics Screen Mod? Help.

    I like the base skins and I have downloaded the "dark base skin" in order to ad mods. However I have not found any mods that change the tactics screen from stupid looking squares to shirts. I have tried taking files from other skins and place them in the base skin but I can't seem to get it to work, they come out looking like a dogs breakfast.

    Does anyone know of a mod or a way because I hate the squares with a passion. Refer to the pictures.

    Tactics Screen Mod? Help.-screen-shot-2016-01-05-16.35.54.png Tactics Screen Mod? Help.-screen-shot-2016-01-05-16.36.44.png

  2. try cl skin above

  3. I've posted this in the discussion thread a few weeks ago, just search tactics screen.

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