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  1. Champions League Skin 2016 ===UPDATE 1.1 RELEASED===

    This is update version 1.1 for the Champions league 2016 skin, a “must have” update with multiple graphic enhancements, bug fixes and other updates.

    This update includes:

    - minor bug fixes.
    - graphic enhancements (custom player status icons added, added bigger player faces in inbox messages, player names on shirts in tactics
    (also during match when substituting etc.)
    - new match titlebar lay out. (design by Gunzo) *****
    - improved full match "Champions League" themed scoreboard. *
    - more detailed custom made post match panel
    - bigger pitch on tactics overview screen during match. **
    - custom made player status icons.
    - different fonts used, improving the overall "look and feel" of the skin
    - alternative BBC news graphics (design by Emil Debski), original (1.0) news panel code included if you prefer the old one. ***
    - optional sidebar coding including for those of you who like the sidebar NOT to "auto-hide". ****

    The skin includes (as was the case with version 1.0):

    - compatibility with version 16.2.0
    - bigger player faces in screens
    - (small) sidebar with customized icons and auto-hide feature, colours change depending on team/competition selected
    - custom made Champions League scoreboard in full match screen mode
    - custom made "match preview" and "post match" panels
    - opacity/background selector
    - instant result button
    - many other additional graphical updates to enhance the FM experience

    This skin is optimized for HD resolutions (resolution of 1920x1080 windowed and full screen).


    * The scoreboard works best in 1920x1080 resolutions. If needed the "left inset" values for "score" and "time" can be adjusted to align
    these correctly. The scoreboard works fine with team/club names until 12-13 letters/spaces used, if with your resolution or longer team/club
    names are used you may need to "stretch" the scoreboard with an imaging editing program (like "Photoshop"), without changing the height
    change the width slightly (a small change will make a big difference) and you will have more space for the names.
    I added a file "match titlebar score.xml.BIGGER" in the panels folder, you can replace the original file with the "BIGGER" file.

    ** The bigger pitch will correct the fact that players name would not be visible on the shirts while making changes during the match in the tactics panel,
    also when playing with 5 players in a defensive or midfield setup the players' names on the kits would 'drop-off'.
    With the recommended resolution this is no issue anymore, but the pitch will take up more space than in the 1.0 release version.

    *** In the panels folder I created a file "competition news panel.xml.NO BBC", replace the original with this one and you will the same
    news page as in version 1.0 back.

    **** If you prefer the sidebar NOT to "auto-hide": in the panels folder of the skin I created a file "client object browser.xml.NO AUTO HIDE".
    Replace the original file with this one and you will have a small sidebar that is static.

    ***** If you prefer the "match titlebar" as in version 1.0, in the panels folder there is a file "match title bar.xml.VERSION 1.0"
    replace the original with this one and reload the skin.

    With all replacements: delete the added "NO BBC", "BIGGER", "NO AUTO HIDE" or "VERSION 1.0" from the file names so "(name).xml" is left.
    Reload the skin as always.

    This skin wouldn't have been possible without the work of:

    Emil Debski aka. fenomeno9 (Vitrex skin)
    TheBantams (Andromeda skin)

    and many others

    Recommended (not included) for use with this skin are:

    Facepack of your choice
    Logo and kits packs
    Cities megapack (showing citypictures in club screens)
    Stadium background packs

    *****Please don't redistribute without my permission, either in original form or in a "tweaked" or "enhanced" version******

    Installation instructions:

    This is a stand-alone 1.1 update for the Champions League skin, version 1.0 is not required/needed to be and stay present.
    If you already have the 1.0 version installed COMPLETELY DELETE this version, do not leave this version in your skins folder as
    the new version might (and will) given conflicts with the files that are not been overwritten.

    Extract the 7z file in x:\users\(your name)\My documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\skins\
    If you don't have a "skins" folder you need to create one.

    When you extract the 7z file it will automatically create a "Champions League 2016" folder, which contains the skin.

    Make sure you un-tick "use skin cache", clear the cache and reload the skin.
    Alternatively you can restart the game with "skin cache" un-ticked.
    This way not only the skin but also the included alternative graphics will be loaded correctly.


    If you like to use a different background, copy your favorite background picture to the folder:
    ".......\skins\Champions League 2016\graphics\backgrounds".

    Rename the picture to "1......6.jpg" and reload the skin.
    Un-tick "skin cache" and clear the current cache to make sure all graphics are loaded properly.

    If you want to replace the manager picture on the main menu, I have added a few files in the folder ".......\skins\Champions League 2016\graphics\main menu" called "manager.png.alt"
    You can delete the "manager.png" if you don't like the current manager pictured there and either delete it or replace it with an alternative picture.
    Any feedback on errors or bugs is greatly appreciated, please make sure before reporting bugs or errors that you read the instructions
    and updated the skin to the newest version (1.1).



    Champions League 2016 1.1 FINAL VERSION
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  2. Skin updated to version 1.1, new download link in OP!!

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