Football Manager 2016 Trophies Megapack

  1. Football Manager 2016 Trophies Megapack

    I am proud to announce a huge breakthrough in Football Manager 2016. Trophies.

    We always wanted more and we can now have Real Trophies for all nations in the game.
    IMHO this is massive as we have always wanted more than the handful of trophies Sports Interactive provided.

    The whole pack has now had a complete overhaul, all images have been re-sized, all cuts have been tidied up or replaced plus new Trophies added.
    It is for this reason the old links have been removed and replaced with one new one, I recommend anyone who downloaded the original to download again to make sure you have the best pack possible and delete the old previous version.

    The whole pack has now reached 260 Trophies.

    If you want to add to the pack feel free.
    Look for the trophies which are missing and cut them out (if you can).
    I have some cutting skills but would rather not do it myself.

    Huge thanks to the following for their contributions to the pack:
    Hammer9, Patres10, Nuno Rebelo, Kremmen and me of course.


    Football Manager 2016 Trophies Megapack-abdvyuk.pngFootball Manager 2016 Trophies Megapack-kmffxjn.jpgFootball Manager 2016 Trophies Megapack-msyw0bn.jpgFootball Manager 2016 Trophies Megapack-q6lqwiq.jpg

    Football Manager 2016 Trophies Megapack-zw9ymla.jpg

    How to add Real Trophies in FM16
    1. Download the pack and extract the file (using either 7 ZIP or WINRAR
    2. Place the "trophies" folder here:
      Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\pictures
      Create the folders "graphics" and "pictures" if they don't exist.
    3. Start FM16
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