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Skins & Other Graphics Rules & Help Thread.
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    Graphics Help Thread FM 2011.

    Hopefully, this thread will stop the threads such as 'I can't get logo.... to show' and so on. Any graphics problems you are having, post them here, and we will try and find a solution for you.


    1 - Give as Much detail as is required.
    2 - Read through the other posts to see if the problem has already been brought up before.
    3 - No Spam whatsoever.


    This is to make sure everyone follows and also knows the new rules for the Graphics areas, as well as to serve as a Graphics help thread.

    The new rules are simple, and will help to keep the Graphics(Logos, Faces, Kits, Skins & other graphics) sections running nice and smooth.

    1 - SEARCH before you make a thread. What is the point in wasting time making a thread to have it closed? Simple.

    2 - DO NOT make threads asking for graphics. There are request threads for this. Any threads opened will be closed immediately.

    3 - When making a thread or posting,GIVE ALL INFORMATION. It helps to sort any problems, or makes it easier to understand.

    4 - In each section(Kits, Logos, Faces, Skins), there is a thread for the graphics. If you have any queries, post them in there, rather than making threads for them.

    5 - There is to be NO KIT COMPS without asking for permission from StuW or KevyMatts. The main reason is that the 2010 froums were literally cluttered with piss poor comps that never got finished.

    That is pretty much it, I think.


    Any questions, post them below
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  2. hello, I would be very interested in a kind of guide to edit or create a skin starting from 0, I would love myself with all this but I have no idea how to do it, maybe some of you could help me out with everything this.

    PD: Thank you and congratulations for this great web
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  3. Where can i find the original skins that come with the game?
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  4. I cant seem to view my matches in T.V view. The game still goes on in the lower info bar but sticks at the screen on T.V. What do i need to do?

  5. How can I edit the Default skin?
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  6. NO matter what i do skins do not work for me......frustrated

  7. No matter which skin I use - every single one of them seem to have white writing . I've unticked use skin cache, and ticked always reload skin on confirm, but neither seem to work . Any ideas?

  8. Got a problem with all the skins that i apply, in the top banner the shadow/faded club logo behind the main logo doesnt display properly, it just shows the block standard club badge that FM use and on the right it shows the prem logo but no shadow/faded logo behind it.

    Even stranger it works for all the "european" clubs and competitions just not the prem league (which is what i want btw otherwise i wouldnt be that arsed really) Even the npower championship and respective sub leagues for england work fine just the barclays prem!

    Ive got the real names changed in xml under FM11 > graphics > editor data.

    Dont understand whats going on, any help? ta

  9. whats the point opening a help thread when noone responds to?

  10. thank you and congratulations for this great web

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