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    I am currently managing Newcastle United. I have downloaded and installed the adboard patch which includes a file for "club specific" ads. My problem is that the sponsors of Newcastle United are now "Virgin Money" who took over "Northern Rock". Can anyone tell me where to get the updated adboards from?


  2. the place you downloaded them

  3. Brilliant!
    Except that they haven't been updated where I downloaded them from, otherwise I may have reached the same conclusion myself.
    Could we stick to the real purpose of these forums which, I guess, is to try and help each other. I don't think that turning them into a vehicle whereby people can display their obvious lack of wit serves any purpose.

  4. try they have adboards, or use google

  5. Thanks, I've checked out Sortitoutsi. They do have adboards which, unforunately, haven't yet been updated. It seems that the last update on adboards was in January this year so it's probably unlikely now that anyone will update again just yet because one stadium is wrong. Thanks anyway, I'll keep looking.

  6. If you hunt around there are articles on LED adboards or FM2013 adboards. I have seen the Newcastle one with a Virgin Money logo. You can right click on the logo you require then "save file as" to your desktop or any folder you like and then paste it to your current adboard pack taking the same name as the logo you wish to replace. I have updated quite a few teams already by doing the same

  7. Grobbelaar's Avatar Grobbelaar
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    I'm probably a complete idiot, but I can't seem to find the adboards on sortitoutsi?

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