Old FM 2005 tactic.

  1. Old FM 2005 tactic.

    I am in the middle of a desperate season with arsenal, after finishing 3rd and 2nd in the first 2 seasons i am now having a terrible time lying 9th after 10 games!!! Having tried some of the tactics on here with mixed success, so have decided to recreate my all conquering tactic from fm 2005.

    Using this tactic with Arsenal in fm 2005 led me to 14 straight EPL titles (4 unbeaten), 9 Fa cups and 3 CL titles.

    The tactic is based around the style of football Arsenal played in the glory years of the late 90's, with fast, attacking and counter attacking football. It is a 442 system with wingers playing as a mixture of AMs and WNGs and two CMs sat in the middle. The CM's don't Make too many forward runs, but one can be slightly more attacking (fabregas). This was based on the old Viera/petit partnership.

    I am not expecting it to work with the new match engine, but if it does then i might upload the tactic.

    I will keep everyone updated.

  2. Good luck,i re created my FM07 unbeatable tactic and got absolutely hammered week in week out.

  3. Well, so far very surprised!!

    Results so far:

    ARSENAL 5-1 sporting lisbon
    Newcastle 0-0 ARSENAL
    ARSENAL 3-0 sunderland

    The only problem i have found so far is when Grondin scored his second against sunderland he celebrated by doing a slow lap of the pitch interspersed with random frentic arm waving, it was a good goal though.

  4. Can i download this or other tactics somewhere for fm05?

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