Football Manager Won't Load! :(

  1. Football Manager Won't Load! :(

    Hi, first of all im new so if im doing something wrong by posting here i'm sorry haha

    What it is fm2011 has been fine for me but today i tried to load it and it came up somit bout java InvocationTargetException, so i searched online and it said to just go to program files and remove all the fm2011, so i did and im now trying to reload fm and it makes a noise for a bit then doesn't do anything

    Can someone suggest something please

  2. Have you tried uninstalling and then re installing?

  3. when i tried to uninstall it came up with the java InvocationTargetException thing, so i did what it said to do online and just remove the files, and now when im trying to install nothing comes up when i put the disc in

  4. so can no one help? "_"

  5. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Sorry, but I've never heard of that problem. All I can recommend, is try to google and keep looking here for any replies. That's a weird one that. Sorry can't help

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