Host automatically takes control of all teams on Network Game

  1. Host automatically takes control of all teams on Network Game


    myself and a friend have been playing a network game for several seasons with no issues.

    When the host has logged on in the past he takes automatic control of his team then when i join the network game i just click on " take control" next to my team on the game status screen.

    Today we had a problem that when the host loads the gamesave it automatically gives him control of both of our teams. This therefore stops me being able to control my own team. The host cannot seem to remove control of my team either.

    Does anyone know what has happened or how we can fix this?

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    please can someone helpa asap?

  2. Any update on this? We are having the same problem with my friend.
    We first started the game so that i was hosting it on my PC. Now we are trying to do it so, that he is trying to host it (because of faster connection). We copied to savegame on my friends PC - but when i join to his game, he is controlling both of the teams.

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