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Weird Things that Happened in FM

  1. Weird Things that Happened in FM

    This will be a thread where you can post those wierd/out-of-this world things that you've experienced in your FM save. It could anything.


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    Newcastle, Rangers, Bo'ness United, Scotland.... wants blackpool to do well First Team

  3. Theres already a similer thread for this, sorry.

  4. The Illegal Thrower

    Weird Things that Happened in FM-barcelona-v-granada-tv-view-.png
    Weird Things that Happened in FM-barcelona-v-granada-tv-view-2.png

    In a second leg Spanish Cup match against Granada, I've noticed that their thrower were actually inside the pitch when he attempted and took the throw. So basically its not a THROW-IN because you should have thrown the ball inwards. In my six seasons in this current save game, this is the first time that something like this happened.
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