Cant keep teams in proper regional league!!!

  1. Cant keep teams in proper regional league!!!

    I have created several different League systems i.e, German, English, Scottish, and American but a constant problem Im having is after playing 1 season after promotion/relegation teams ill just start moving into the wrong regional leagues such as a New York club will move over into a western league which completely removes the integrity of the local areas. I have tried setting the regional division for each individual team still with no luck. Is there any quick fix or some random thing Im not doing? Please Help!!!

  2. Are you setting regional boundaries for each league? You would set the western boundary of your eastern league as St. Louis or Cleveland or whichever city, and, unless there was an imbalance of teams, you'd only get teams located east of that city in that league. Like I said, though, if you set the boundary too far east or west, there won't be enough teams in the region, causing wacky results.

    If you are setting them, I'm afraid I can't help you, sorry. : )

  3. this regional boundaries are realy difficult to make it work! is it ok if i leave one of east,west,north or south empty? i mean what if there is just sea there?shell i leav it empty?and there is also some difficulties with team numbers!!! cause editor tries to spread teams equel!!!

    help please!

  4. looks like its not enough just setting boundaries for leagues. all teams has to be set to their regional divisions! and it is sooo difficult! it must be a easy way to multiply all teams((

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