A new editor's questions.

  1. A new editor's questions.

    hi guys, I made a Bangladesh database with 6 leagues and 3 cups. The prize money drops significantly for the cups from 200k to 2k in 5 years, can anyone help me stop this. The economy is totaly crap, in five years the clubs earn only 1/3rd of what they used to earn and the club value also decreases. By the way do you add prize money for the league and how do you add prize money per match won/drawn/appearance in league matches and domestic cup group stages. And to top it off, the clubs don't buy any foreign players from outside the league of have any affiliations to any other country (though there are many national affiliations). Plus I want to add a International Competition for the 8 South Asian coutries (which is there in the database but inactive), the problem is that it occurs once in two years, is there any way you could set up a cup once in two years? And how much tv money would you charge for leagues with 50,30,10 reputation?
    I have attached the editor file
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  2. dont forget to edit nation economy, fans of the club must be very loyal.

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