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FM12 2013 Custom Update
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  1. FM12 2013 Custom Update

    Hello I will be doing some of the 2013 January transfers that are going on and I decided to share it with you guys. I will also be changing player positions and CA/PA's as well since some of them are just completely wrong.

    I don't have to much free time but I will be editing a lot of players so this will be basiclly be a new "updated" version of FM12. I have currently edited Man Utd,Chelsea, and a little bit of Liverpool. If you guys want to help me by telling me about new real life talents who you think are Wonderkids or giving me names of players who have been transferred and as well as players who are playing in wrong positions then I am more then willing to read them.

    You can download the FM12 2013 Update 1 so you can see what I have done so far.

    Edit: I have currently edited ManUtd,Chelsea,Liverpool and Spurs. Tomorrow I will try to edit more in the mean time I will update the "FM12 2013 Update 1" so you can see what I have done so far.
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  2. would love this As FM 13 is ticking me off

  3. is it compatibale with 12.0.4 or 12.2.2 ?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TaaaL View Post
    is it compatible with 12.0.4 or 12.2.2 ?
    it's compatible with 12.0.4 because it works for me
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  5. thank you WonderkidFC

  6. 12.0.4 or 12.2.2 ؟

  7. very appreciated, fm12 is still by far the best football manager in all history. Keep working on it, we're willing to give you any support

  8. I'm just curious when you will upload the final version of the January transfers?

  9. Today is the last tranfer winter . I hope u will upload final version . Thanks u !

  10. i didnt check but if alen halilovic or kurt zouma arent wonderkids they should be cause they will worth alot of money

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