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About my Spanish complete database for FM12

  1. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    About my Spanish complete database for FM12

    The plan is to go through the Fm11.3 database and update the preferente groups (the one tier below Tercera) assigning the new teams in each group and unassigning those that have been promoted or relegated. Then load it with FM12's editor. I suppose those teams that have gone up from preferente to Tercera will then appear in the right groups (if not I can just go through them) so I just have to fill the Honor groups (level below Preferente) with the teams that are left unassigned.

    If just doing that doesn't end in a database that works in FM12, then I'll make a couple of small changes to FM12 and the same to FM11 and see what are the differences in format, if it's easy to change, then I'll apply those changes to try make the database work.

    If I see no workaround to get the FM11's db modifications work for FM12, then my FM12 spanish leagues will not be as deep as the FM11's and be just enable Tercera and make a Preferente level with all the teams left organized in a sensible way for a workable promotion/relegation system. It might still be open a chance to work slowly on remaking the Preferentes and and honor level for future patches and eventually make a release of one with the Preferente level as in reality (or as close as I can make it) and the honor level, as the database for FM11.3.

    ************************************************** ***

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  2. Can you separate the databases in different sizes.. Sometimes when you put too many databases, it wont work.. So for people who want to play with extended leagues and databases of other nations, it would be nice to have a few extra of each rather than many for one not letting you have a few for other countries.

  3. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Ok, it shouldn't be a problem to have one with just Tercera enabled and another with the Preferentes and honor.

  4. Ideally the minimum extended amount should be 4th division because reserve squads have their own league in 4th division, that way you can get your reserve squad to be match fit and grow in ability while not having to choke your database capacity by having an unnecessary amount of leagues

  5. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Do you mean the game does it automatically?. Because Spain doesn't have reserve leagues. We have B-teams that can compete as high as they can manage as long they're at least one level under the parent team.

    Tercera is our fourth tier, by the way.

  6. I meant B-Teams which in a way act as Reserve teams for players who are still lacking the skill to be in the first team.

  7. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    We don't have that. B-Teams play within the league system of the main teams. Barcelona Atlético, which is Barcelona B plays in Liga adelante with Deportivo, Valladolid, Almería, etc. Castilla, which is Real Madrid B, plays in Segunda B. And I think Real Madrid C is in Tercera.

    You can move your players to the B and from the B to the A. Unless Feghouli was in the U19, but I think it was in Valencia Mestalla (Valencia's B team).

  8. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    News about this: I'm testing today a first release with just Tercera activated. If it works right, I should be uploading it this evening.

    The update of the lower leagues is still in the start, since I've not been having the time I needed to get to work on that part.

    ---------- Post added at 07:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:44 PM ----------

    File uploaded, waiting approval. (Note, I write this not to hurry moderators, just to inform players, so if someone was about to start but is interested on playing with this, may know the time to get this may be small enough to be worth waiting).

    And I found Cultural Leonesa has been relegated past season and is now in Tercera's group 8, duh

    ---------- Post added 01/11/2011 at 01:55 AM ---------- Previous post was 31/10/2011 at 07:15 PM ----------

    It's been approved, link here

  9. Thanks as always Death Ball.

  10. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Update: Been with little time for this these past weeks, but it's not abandoned. In fact, I have the editor open as I write this.

    There will be small changes, since the real competition has had them. The outstanding (and so far only) difference is that this season the Preferente level has two groups for Catalonia. Since both have 18 teams what I will do is make them and then merge two that have few teams. The chosen will be the Menorca and Ibiza, as they together make a total of 20 or 22 teams, which is a reasonable size.

    There is one small error the editor tells when checking league rules, but I hope my guess about what it is is right then it shouldn't stop this from being completed. And if it's not I still hope a solution will be easy.

  11. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    Been having trouble with RAM running out and computer slowing down too much, to the point I was close to throw it out of the window, so progress was slow.

    I seem to have found a solution using Tweak Now Power Pack 2011 so it's starting to march. I also have found Tercera división is not right and has some teams that belong to Preferente, plus many groups of Preferente needing new teams created.

    That's why it isn't yet complete and why this is still a minimum of a week from completing. I'm betting two. :/ I wanted to have released it in november.

  12. How's it going? I have been putting off my FM2012 purchase since I love playing the lower leagues in Spain.. but I can slowly feel the urge coming along.. so hurry!

  13. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    The slower and tougher part, the Preferentes is near completion. Taking more than expected because there's been some changes and needed to create more teams than expected, plus the official web of the Canarian leagues doesn't work, so it took a while to find a page with those leagues. Tomorrow I should finish Preferente. Between the time I get left tomorrow and saturday I should have done checking Tercera groups and with luck go through the teams that need their Preferente group changed. Though likely that'll be sunday.

    So, monday would be to load all the leagues and let a whole season past to ensure all works as it's supossed to. It may happen monday or need to save and continue tuesday, depending on what times I get to do it.

    Regarding error expectancy:

    - Good side, the one I was fearing might be a problem has been solved as I located it was a league with groups contained teams.

    - Bad side, there's others saying the maximum teams in some group is 18 but I only have a number that is lower O.o That might turn to be a serious issue, but I'll bet it's a bug regarding the ID of the string "maximum" and the string "minimum".

    So, if things go according to this timetable, I would be uploading this tuesday then it would be wait for it to be approved.

  14. I am waiting for it mate, i want to play with preferente teams!!

  15. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    Good news!. Since today was free (yesterday was a holiday and we carry it to friday, no wonder Spain goes so bad) I've decided to take my free time for this and... the database editing is done! Now I have to test it in game (fingers crossed :s) before sending. If nothing bad happens, the upload should happen tomorrow, because there's no way I can get a whole season run in the few hours before I go to bed. If something bad happens then I can't promise anything, because it will depend on what error happens that I can solve it quickly, need time or am unable to.

    After filling the honor groups with 20 teams each, there were still 133 teams unassigned to any division. So I've added a new 7th level so that every Spanish team in the database can be chosen and played. From honor there will be now two direct relegation positions and the third from last will enter a one round two legs playoff to choose the final 6 relegated. From Provinciales (so I've named the seventh level, six groups) the top two teams will promote directly and the four behind of each group will be entering a play off to choose the last six promotion places.

    Note that I've done this by merging the Tercera activated db done with FM12 with the ongoing work updating the FM11 db I had, so there's a chance SI has added teams I had added and now they will be duplicated. Due to the big amount of teams that would need to be checked to find that and this taking so longer than expected and hoped for, I am not checking those, so expect to find at some point a Team X vs Team X match. Should be few. Also note, there's various teams in reality with very similar names. For example, there's no less than three San José teams and two of them are A.D., various San Pedro, etc

    Also, if I am lucky, maybe I can get the promotion play offs be two legged, I don't know yet if it will work. I just wish I had done relegation playoff in earlier versions because then I would have known in there the editor has the option. I know that now. And because I've discovered it, I'll try some copy pasting from relegation playoff lines to promotion playoff and see what happens.

    EDIT - Ok, a (date) is not within the (dates) range of the division warning upon db load that in FM11 was a pain but solved.
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  16. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend

    Couldn't make promotion play offs two legged.

  17. Hi Death Ball, used your leagues last year in the FM2011 game and thought they were fantastic, shall be using this one again over Xmas, always enjoyed the lower leagues in Spain, very enjoyable format they play in, and always a great challenge, looking forward to giving this a go in the next few days, cheers for the work you put into it!

  18. Where is it uploaded? the one in additional leagues says is from 31/10/2011 is that one and just doesnt change the date when you uploaded it?

  19. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    It has to be approved, which hasn't been yet. It can take up to two days.

    If I don't see it up tomorrow morning then I'll see what's about it. PM an admin to see if the file was uploaded right or something happened.
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  20. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    It's been approved (thanks again to the moderators and Jake).

    Link here

    By the way, I'm not updating description because I think that means need to reapproval: the last level isn't made to separate each group for different regions. To begin with, because with the delay I had doing it would have taken too long. I don't think I'll change that.
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  21. Downloaded and charging!!

    Hope i can find my beloved C.E.Taradell in there and put them in to champions league!! my lovely 5000 people town with our 70+ year old fans yelling to every single player that miss a ball cause they don't play like xavi or iniesta will be proud!! lol
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  22. Legendary, cheers!

  23. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    It loads well in the new update, so I'm calling it compatible. It should since the update doesn't include database changes.

  24. Loaded this up and started playing rather far down the leagues, works perfect, its a job well done good sir.

  25. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    I found during a test of something that this is incompatible with the japanese league database.

    I have a guess of what can be the reason: during my work in this DB I searched a team that had to be in one of the Preferente groups and I saw an unassigned team which first half was the short name given in the league table, since the nation was off-screen, I thought perhaps was the full name and the team I wanted, I placed it in the league. Then found out it was a Japanese team. I unassigned it again. Probably instead of undoing there's somewhere an entry that states that team is unassigned and it being assigned in the Japanese leagues there's a conflict. The problem is I don't remember what team was that. I'll try to look for it and test it.

    If I find it's not that, then I have no clue.

  26. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Found the team, undid the change and now the Nihon-Leagues database and this are compatible.

    File updated.

    Same link as provided in the first post. Which is This anyway.

  27. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    The database uploaded is not compatible with the new FM patch. It has added a few teams of those I had to and so now there's two tercera groups with duplicated teams.

    Uploading the updated file is not possible at the moment, once I can upload and it's done I'll update with the link.

  28. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    It has been approved.

    The link is THIS

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