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FM12 Update Packs by_pr0

  1. FM12 Transfer & Data Update Packs by_pr0

    THE LINK : FM12 Update Packs by_pr0 V3.6.rar

    EDIT 1/10/2012 :

    I can proudly announce after almost a year , that my data & transfers update packs for the FM 2012 are over! The one i uploaded in 1.10.2012 , is the last one!

    I hope in 1 month from now , that we will be again together. And as a small info about the next packs, i can announce that the data packs in FM 2013 will also have an extra file beside the others. The one with CA/PA changes. It will be a new file so some who dont want the changes will have the option not to select this file. Thats all. A big thanks to everyone so far , and we will talk again in 1 month!! Have everyone a good time!!!

    Hello to everyone and many hopes to all of you to have a good career in FM 2012 !!

    This update contains 87.941 changes from 27th of September untill today 1 October , that the game itself does not include ! Inside this update pack you will find from transfer changes to injuries and new wonderkids ! In the rar file you can also find the texts that contain all the database changes and the instructions file to give some more info !
    Make your suggestions and feel free to tell me your idea and hopefully i can do something about it !
    For those who have downloaded my pack i hope to enjoy and many thanks !
    For the others ... Try it and then rate me ... !

    Let me tell you some things about this project.
    It includes 85.000 database changes, from 27 of September untill today that the game does not include :

    Lets see what each file includes :

    Transfers Update pack : 1. Transfers from all over the world from the very best leagues to the small ones. Trasfers from the greek superleague from the scandal teams (olympiakos volou, kavala ) and some transfers that happended the very late days (mcfadden,rivas,hildelbrand etc.. )
    2. Contract changes.
    3. Managerial changes.
    4. Removed players/staff who are not with us anymore...

    General Changes : 1. Nationality changes.
    2. Favorite Clubs.
    3. Chairman changes.
    4. Favourite Personel.

    Injured Players : 1. Players who are injured from a month and more.

    Wonderkids : 1. Created new young players who become world class players in the future ( wonderkids ).

    Promotions And Relegations : Now only in Singapore.

    In the text files you can find easilly all the changes i have made untill now, and check my work !!

    ******************** Critics wrote **************************

    hEY JUST to let you know that gthis looks like a good update! I like the text files with the info and apparently the latest transfers are done (Hildebrand). Also, i like the fact that the contract dates appear to be right! Thank you!

    i love this file recomended too all

    Thanks for the new version of this file!

    Thanks for the update.....
    Thanks again, and the text files showing what changes you've made help alot.
    Keep up the good work.

    Will use when I start a new save

    I really like your update and your addiction to detail

    nice update mate

    Thanks for a great update.

    thank you for your awesome WORK

    Thanks and keep up the good work

    Love what you've done so far.

    @[email protected]
    Hi pro, just wanna say your update is the best by a million miles, any ideas when version 5 is gonna be released and thanks in advance.

    your updates are brilliant
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  2. nice update mate....also i like the skin can u upload the skin aswell?
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  3. hmmm now i can see scotty what you asked in the other forum..

    You can find it here •

  4. transfer update

    i cant get it to work? i extracted it into the editor data folder but nothing is working. the part when u tick the boxes to change the data is showing up. any help that u can give me? thanks
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  5. Did you see the instructions text to get some more info ?

    If you correctly extract the folders in the right path , then make a new game and tick the files by pr0. ONLY the files which have my name on them , not anyone's else because it wont work !!

  6. Next update will be up on 15th of November , and it will continue like that. We will have an update each 15 days ! Stay tuned !!!

  7. where i can find the link for download the pack.?

  8. I will upload it in the download center and on the first post in about 3 hours from now ! Take a look in 3 hours so

  9. Flamini is missing
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  10. In what flamini is missing? Give more details please

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