World Club Champions League

  1. World Club Champions League

    I've recently started to make a Champions League for the world. Consistant with other Champions Leagues it depends on where a team finishes in their top division.

    So far, it's a 96 team competition with qualification set up as so:

    6 Teams from - England, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Italy
    5 Teams from - Uraguay, France, Japan, Germany
    4 Teams from - South Africa, Scotland, Egypt, Mexico, Holland, South Korea, Portugal
    3 Teams from - Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Australia
    2 Teams from - USA, Paraguay
    1 Team from - Costa Rica, New Zealand

    All teams into group stage of 16 groups of 6. 32 teams qualify for knockout round. 1st and 2nd knockout rounds are 1 leg with replay if drawn. Quarter and Semi Finals are 2 legs.
    The Group stage is spread out over a long time and teams play each other once, meaning less travelling when you're more likely to play a team half way around the globe.

    I was attempting to take a variety of the highest repuation nations from different continents.
    It has worked well so far with every team except New Zealand qualifying properly. (For some reason it takes Wellington Pheonix.)

    I want to increase this further by including every playable nation and those in between with qualifying rounds and a second cup similar to the EURO Cup.

    Suggestions and feedback are welcome. Particularly, suggestions on prize money/appearance money are needed.

  2. Nice job, when you can, plz make a download for this. Othr thing, Why you don't put at least 1 team of China or India ?

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