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  1. MODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012 - Beta v1 released

    Hi folks, I've created a modern legends database with currently 690 players adjusted or added, made up of approximately 485 legends added and 205 current players that have been turned into juniors, with a current facepack of 300. Players are all from the "Modern" era - i.e. from 1966 onwards, although a few true greats from the early 60's are included. I would also like to add there is some plagiarism here, this DB is based on an old 2011 Legends Database I downloaded and then heavily modified. I renamed it so I don't know who's it was originally, but tbh it is pretty much changed beyond all recognition, so I don't feel it's any sort of rip off.My hope is to make this a truly hugely comprehensive database, I have over 1800 players planned at the moment, and that figure could well rise. In order to do thus I am going to need some help, hopefully some of you out there will fancy getting involved to build a really great game, either by play testing, researching specific team legends, sourcing photos, building the facepack, or whatever.I'm going to post the game concept in the next post. If it sounds interesting to you and you would like to get involved, just PM me on here and we can get something sorted.

    Beta v1 download link (read later posts for notes): MLDB Beta v1.rar
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    This is a modern legends database, I decided to make it thus because for me part of the fun of playing FM is familiarity with the players, so I wanted players I had either seen play myself or had regularly seen on TV in highlight reels. I didn't want guys from the 1900's who had scored a million goals at left half keeping John Barnes out of the England squad or Nigel Winterburn out of the Arsenal team. This is a game, not a historical record, I wanted players that excited me when I saw they where available and that I could picture in my head, rather than thinking "who is that?"

    The game is going to be based around Legend Teams, all of whom will have there reputations set higher than all the other teams, so all the legends not in their squads will quickly end up there. The game will be Euro-centric I'm afraid, all big South American teams will have there reputations dropped, which means that all the Legends they have will quickly be snapped up the European sides, so that all the legends will end up playing in the same competitions.

    There will be levels within the legend Teams. All legend teams will be split into groups, and there finances will be boosted and they will be given an underwriting Sugar Daddy as cahirman. Currently, the adjusted Legend Teams groups look like this (in brackets is the no. of adjusted players in their squad):

    Real Madrid (22)
    Barcelona (28)
    Juventus (17)
    Inter (14)
    AC Milan (21)
    Ajax (22)
    FC Bayern (21)
    Marseilles (22)
    Man Utd (19)
    Liverpool (23)

    Red Star Belgrade (12)
    Sampdoria (11)
    Parma (12)
    Napoli (8)
    Lazio (13)
    Fiorentina (11)
    Roma (13)
    Borussia Dortmund (14)
    Arsenal (19)

    Dynamo Kyiv (9)
    Valencia (14)
    At Madrid (3)
    Sporting Lisbon (4)
    Benfica (12)
    Porto (10)
    Werder Bremen (2)
    Hamburg (5)
    Bayer Leverkusen (9)
    Paris Saint-Germain (8)
    Tottenham (9)
    Man City (3)
    Chelsea (11)
    Rangers (5)
    Celtic (8)
    PSV (10)
    Kaiserslautern (4)
    Koln (5)
    Borussia Monchengladbach (4)
    Lyon (4)
    Monaco (10)
    Newcastle (9)
    Anderlecht (16)

    Aberdeen (3)
    Spartak Moscow (3)
    Feyenoord (7)
    Schalke (4)
    Standard Liege (4)
    Club Brugge

    There are a few other clubs that have e few players (Everton , Bordeaux , Aston Villa (4), Leeds (9)). Hopefully by the time this is finished each club above will have at least 16 players (I already have squad list written out), and there will be an English premier league full of legend teams and players (again, squad list are already written).


    All players will be assigned to a Legend club where possible, even if they only played a season there. Players will be aged in the following manner:

    Year of ____ Age in
    Birth _______ Game

    36-41 ______ 26
    42-46 ______ 25
    47-51 ______ 24
    52-56 ______ 23
    57-61 ______ 22
    62-66 ______ 21
    67-71 ______ 20
    72-76 ______ 19
    77-81 ______ 18
    82-86 ______ 16
    87-91 ______ 15
    92- ________ 14

    So, say, Pele, who was born in 1940, will be 26 in game (or 25, depending on birthday). Platini, born in 1955, will be 23 and Dennis Bergkamp, born in 1969 will be 20.

    Again, I have to admit to getting some help. All player ratings so far are based around these excellent posts on Xtratime Community : Welcome by a really great researcher called Dearman:

    1. INDEX : Positional Rankings Of All-Time Greats - Xtratime Community

    2. INDEX : All-Time International Squads - Xtratime Community

    I should add that all of the player in post 1 above who qualify as modern legends are already in the database.

    Anyway, thanks for reading all of this, please contact me if you feel like helping out in some way, hopefully we can get a few people together and make this into a really great database. Tomorrow I will post some pictures from the game, if you have any requsts for what you would like to see, post them and I will try and put them up.
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  4. I'm in for testing. Would like to rate too, but that's not my strongest point as the players I wouldn't know would be rated too low and the players I did know probably too high. Just count me in for testing.

  5. Post the download link for the database and I'll get testing today!
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  6. Come on mate, make the db available for download so we can start testing.
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  7. Some International Squads;

    MODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-argentina-tactics_-overview-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-brazil-tactics_-overview-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-england-tactics_-overview-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-france-tactics_-overview-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-germany-tactics_-overview-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-holland-tactics_-overview-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-italy-tactics_-overview-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-spain-tactics_-overview-.png
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  8. Some Club squads;

    MODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-.c.-milan-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-real-madrid-c.f.-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-olympique-de-marseille-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-manchester-united-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-liverpool-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-juventus-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-fc-bayern-m-nchen-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-f.c.-internazionale-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-f.c.-barcelona-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-arsenal-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-afc-ajax-squad_-players-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-rsc-anderlecht-squad_-players-.png

  9. Some players;

    MODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-chris-waddle-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-s-crates-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-ruud-gullit-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-ronald-koeman-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-roberto-baggio-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-robert-prosine-ki-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-paul-breitner-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-michel-platini-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-lothar-matth-us-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-johan-neeskens-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-hugo-s-nchez-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-giacinto-facchetti-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-franz-beckenbauer-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-bobby-charlton-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-diego-maradona-overview_-profile-.pngMODERN LEGENDS DATABASE FM 2012-thomas-h-ssler-overview_-profile-.png

  10. That Real Madrid squad looks absolutely terrifying! Anyway, sent you a PM.

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