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  1. thanks for comps from patch . i dont need this but i want to see whats in it...
  2. n group stage win -4.3m draw-1.7m lose-nothing?
    and in knockout rounds there doesnt seem to be prize money for winning a game prize money only goes to team knocked out(perhaps just add some money to winning teams too... 5m to winning teams of knockout rounds)
    the final is fine winner gets 69.5m loser 52m

    its not 80mill? i didnt use pound-i use euro probably. i didnt set winner prize money in knockout rounds because you write only loser money prize but thats not problem at all. i found code for defeat money in group stage and i think i can set it. you have 1 error i your demands for prizes: euro league has 1 knockout round more then champions league. if you can write again all prizes that you want to set for champions league and euro cup -that would be great. be specific please.
  3. its not problem to add prize money for winner in knockout rounds. i cant add prize money for defeat in group stage because i dont have some code. if you know some default competitions that have defeat money prize i can take a look at that code and copy it into this file...
  4. ok. i will set this for euro cup and send you link. defeat money prize works in group stage?
  5. comps.rar

    replace this with your original comps.dbc from data folder. i did only champions league. check sub rules and prize money-im not sure about defeat money prize in group stage. if this works for i will set this for euro cup
  6. i manage to change sub rules- i have some diffic. with prizes... iwill set everything but you have to test it because i only use pirate version of game to chek my changes but that game isnt good i have crash every time on 3rd day so i cant chek champions league after 2nd qual round. i will set sub rules and money prizes-you try it and let me know...
  7. i will have fm 13 soon
  8. no thats because my editor is getting error again. i have some diff right now. only way to change something in champions league is to change original files( fm11 and fm12) so i guess thats the way for fm13
  9. comps.rar this is good file. i fixed my editor. try this-i think its ok now
  10. comps 3333333333.rar
    ok. this is another file. open your editor and load it. go to settings(editor) and set compress editor data files(black spot must be right to it) and then save that file and name it only comps. you will get comps.dbc file. i cant do it because i have some error in editor and when i save it file is corrupted. then just replace it with your original file like you did with my bad file and try it. if that wont work let me know. again
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