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  1. Be grateful I didn't post any battle quotes from the Battle for Hoth as I had the Empire Strikes Back on in the background. All time fave of my mine as the Empire won. Yeah-I always root for the Empire. They have cooler weapons and starships. There's a reason I always get compared to Sheldon Cooper pmsl
  2. Well thanks for taking him because we need the money! He's a good player, and can score goals- Expect him to be leading your line for most of the season now. You do have good strengh in depth though, and when BWP didn't play well for Argyle, the whole team never boosted ahead. So when BWP is having an off day, you can always bring in another one of your top strikers.

    Fantastic Attack you have now, glad we've got our games with you finished!
  3. There has been a few fans about us going down, but I've seen it as complete rubbish myself. Then again, playoffs is probably a push too far- Unless we get a decent loan striker who can score and then put together a nice run of results. Anything above 15th would be a bonus after the season we've had, I just want us to be around when the season ends.

    Oh and BTW I think this years Playoff Final is being held at Old Trafford, because of the CL Final at Wembley?
  4. Listening to it on the radio, did sound like we had a strong defence and the game under a tight wrap. Obviously though, the mistake was the break-through- But no worries with Seip, as he put in a good performance. Bolasie is a bit of a handful for defenders, just needs to improve the shooting accuracy- And as for Fallon, he'd be a Home Park Legend, if he scored more!

    I can see Charlton being at least in the top 10, I wish luck to Mr Powell and the Charlton Team- Maybe we'll meet again one day?
  5. Could be Argyle's last away game.. So while your looking for a great start in a new era, we are looking to go with a bang... Should be a great game.
  6. Fallon's back on form, Arnason's banging them in from long range, Bhasera's unstoppable, Button unbeatable, Seip & Nelson rocks, Zubar strong, Fletcher the leader, Clarky's keeping things cool, Bolasie's fast.. Too fast and Patterson is pure average... Scared?
  7. Thought it was odd you making Powell your manager, but they all have to start somewhere- I don't think he will do too bad personally. Your new lad from Liverpool, doesn't seem too bad, tbh we could do with someone like him. BWP menally 'un-stable', Mason inconsistent & Patterson poor.

    Should be a good match, but I think you will win.
  8. Only a week to go until we give you a footballing lesson... In getting 2 players sent off and losing heroicly.
  9. Apparently Risdale is coming in to clear our debts- He ruined Leeds & Cardiff, but surely we can't be ruined anymore? I'd rather Risdale than no club. As with BWP, I hope he stays- With Risdale coming in, and Fallon, Maclean, Bhasera & Johnson expected to leave I hope/pray we can keep Noone & BWP. If you do get him, well done- He's fantastic.
  10. Even Exeter could get promoted and win the JPT this season! I'd personally walk around Exeter City Centre, with a large sign and megaphone saying "I am a Plymouth Argyle Fan. I am a loser- Well done Exeter" if one of those things happened. Its hard to manage the team you support, you have attatchments to certain players etc etc.
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