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  1. Yeah I know, just started looking into what I wanted to do after today for some reason.
  2. I lived through Borat. Looks really amazing, might have to do something like that in a summer at uni or the year after. Was it expensive?

    Been looking at doing Engineering afterwards too, so will probably do a Masters in Engineering somewhere or get a grad placement if it's still what I want to do. But yeah, King's is really good, was surprised I could even still apply to such a place never mind get an offer! Will firm it tomorrow I think, so I can get on with accom.
  3. Wow, looks amazing. Especially that 3rd photo! And sure, promise I won't publish it.

    Life back home? Well, it all kicked off with the media when the News of the World were found to have hacked Milly Dowler's phone/London bombing victims/Dead army personnels families, and it no longer exists as a paper. Much more to it than that though, has been a huge story. Oh, and the weather has been great!

    Thanks! I have to reply soon, but I don't know whether I should go on some sort of tour of King's before I decide on it, it was always my first choice and it's by far the most prestigious, I know it's great and like the look of it from pictures - So thinking I should just firm it.
  4. Is that Nixon I see lurking? ^.^

    How was your trip mate?
  5. Alright mate just to let you know the 2nd round of my quiz is ready here: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/forum...ball-quiz.html
  6. Enjoy my latest update? Nobody's commented or rated it
  7. I've been doing this save for almost a month, I think, but I got loads of playing time last weekend. And there should be a way of subscribing to my blog, not sure how though.
  8. Hhaha, I've got through 2 seasons now as well, pre-season is under way! What's pissing me off is I suddenly need to pay for my loanees in Portugal
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