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  1. Dave help me because i cant play football manager until you do
  2. In need of help dve come on msn please
  3. hello am on messenger now, status is appear offline
  4. i am online on messenger if you want me to help you!
  5. have ur skins and graphics worked
  6. (just loading the game up so i know how to do it!!) now go to preferences in the game-----go to display and sound------in window settings, you can select a skin.-------------- for kits, on the right hand side of window settings, make sure ' use skin cache' is UNTICKED and ' always reload skin on confirm' IS TICKED also for kits, make sure that the configs have unique ids but if you downloaded the kits, the config should be sorted out, sorry I took so long my laptop crashed Hope I helped mate!
  7. Thanks for helping Big dave. Iv saved the bbc sport skin in football manager 2010 > skins. And i created graphics folder and saved logos in there. What else do i ned to do?
  8. Welcome to FM Base mate! I see that you only joined recently! as you can see in your thread on kits and skins, people can be a bit random with what they say!
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