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  1. DJ Eclipse DJed and did a bit of hype-manning for them, but no one else from that group. The show went in this order:

    D'Lyfa Reilly & Red IQ (nothing special), Rhyme Asylum (alright), United Blood (surprisingly good), DJ Deceptikon, DJ Illegal (very good set, of Snowgoons), Rob Fury, Iller State (decent, got a free CD) then HMK, they basically performed most of their classics for nearly 2 hours.
  2. Really? Hah thought you were into that Psycho sh*t as I am. Fair enough, kinda failed, was super hyped about my new 'find'

    I'd jizz during Children of God. Did anybody from LCN/JMT/AOTP perform with them?
  3. Not really my style, I don't like people being weird for the sake of it and can't get into any of their flow. Had the Heavy Metal Kings show last night though, was amazing. Was also impressed with a few of the other acts on, especially United Blood, they have a few tracks on their site, United Blood | Official Site - Home .
  4. Cal mate, plz check this

    YouTube - Dope D.O.D. - What happened (official video)

    Hardcore Hip-Hop's next big thing
  5. Doesn't bother me at all mate, thanks for the heads up!
  6. Just accidentally reported while trying to reply to this... It's already online if that doesn't bother you, I'll probably have to wait another week or two before I get my physical copy (pre-ordered tshirt bundle). It's a good album, and there's footage of them performing live on youtube now, but only solo verses last I checked, including some acapellas during a power cut.
  7. Heavy Metal Kings drops tomorrow mate, here is me impatiently waiting, with fingers crossed for it to be available at the Portuguese stores.
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